Monday, January 20, 2014

New Release: Phantasmagoria by Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison

01. Phantasmagoria 
02. Ashen Wights 
03. The Hungry Ghost 
04. Winter Town (Part One) 
05. The Plague Doctor 
06. The Fetch: A Suicide Note (Part One) 
07. The Devil & Johnny Orpheus 
08. Winter Town (Part Two) 
09. Arkwright & The Angel 
10. The Fetch: A Suicide Note (Part Two) 
11. The Pennine Horror 
12. Winter Town (Part Three) 
13. A Prisoner In The City Of Books
A plague doctor wanders seventeenth century London, on the eve of the apocalypse. In an abandoned house with a dark past, a ghost gazes out onto the world of the living. An angel from the fourth dimension becomes a sculptor's muse. A heroin addled guitarist makes a pact with the devil – and pays the price. Welcome to Phantasmagoria – a journey through nightmare, madness, magic, and illusion.
Those of you who have been following the Necrofuturist Transmission on Nightbreed Radio have had the pleasure of being drawn into the the disturbing world of Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison's writing and spoken word incantations. It is a thrill for us to be granted permission to offer this incredible collection to you.

The FLAC files are 24 bit, and higher than CD quality sound, and the download comes with a printer- ready PDF of the stories.

Written and read by Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison
Phantasmagoria theme music written and performed by Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison
A resident of the bucolic Pennines in England, Mr. Morrison is a prolific writer of fiction and essays, a polymathic musician-singer-songwriter, a dedicated botherer of dolphins, an accomplished Godzilla haikuist, a pious chronicler of alchemical legerdemain, and a heterodoxically inclined expert on the history of the arcane and occult. - The Lovecraft News Network
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

SOLD: Art: The Pulse Of The Lingering Spirit


The Pulse Of The Lingering Spirit - Ink on paper 11"x15" - P. Emerson Williams 1996
$75.00 + S&H
Veil Of Thorns fans will recognize this image from the first edition of Cafe Flesh, their CD debut. This really is emblematic of Emerson's work from this period with bold ink strokes, but conveying a building confidence in structure and motion. The medium of india ink, emphasized during the 1990's because most independent magazines of the time could only print bold black and white has become a very rewarding and challenging way to create.

SOLD: Art: Seeker


Seeker - Ink on paper - P. Emerson Williams 1995
$75.00 + S&H

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