Sunday, February 27, 2022

Choronzon - Signal Receivers Grow To The Minimalist Sun

Come with us on a journey between space, outside the All, and straight to the heart.

Out now on all streaming platforms. 

released January 29, 2022

CHORONZON is a node and outlet for protracted rituals of oblique technomancy. This is in-your-face, explicitly damaged, disturbed, maniacal, frightening, psycho-schizo twisted and viciously tortured music, over-expanding itself to a point where it can get barely bearable.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Out Now: Xen: The Zen of the Other- The Audio Play

Xen: The Zen of the Other is a work that follows one man as he attempts to find his way through the jumble of modernity that envelopes us all and threatens to strangle us in its “Tentacles Longer Than Night.”

Cast into a world where the liminal overlaps with the world of paranormal /philosophical speculations, Ezra Buckley struggles to keep his head above water long enough to pluck a jewel of wisdom from the crown of a forest spirit.

In a world devoid of rites of passage, Ezra finds himself on his own as he is confronted with the very real prospect of having a life-changing, Liminal experience in the woods of Big Sur, if he can survive it.

Is it even real?

Is it the legendary Watchers of Big Sur phenomena or something else?

Xen is a work that confronts the questions of identity, modernity, life, the other, and the place for rites of passage in the modern world.

This audio-play version of Xen includes a fully hyperlinked ebook for reference use.


released October 29, 2021

Xen: The Zen of the Other

Written by Ezra Buckley. You’ll have to decide for yourself if that’s a real name or not.-

Background information by Cameron Whiteside, if that indeed is his real name.-

Produced by P. Emerson Williams-

The voice of Joseph Matheny performed by himself-

The voice of Ezra Buckley performed by Chris Gabriel aka memeanalysis-

The voice of Ralph performed by P. Emerson Williams

The voice of Tiamat performed by Anna "Maiya" Young-

The voice of Racoon 1 performed by Iskandar Sakut abn Mayu (aka Eian Orange of Z(enseider)Z)-

The voice of Racoon 2 by performed Deb Petrochko -

The voice of the waitperson performed Missy G -

The poems of Ezra Buckley read by Joseph Matheny

Xen: The Zen of the Other- Copyright 2021 Joseph Matheny

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Veil of Thorns - Dosage (2018) [Full Album]

01. Respired Into Being 
02. Sacred Offering
03. The Spirit Resolves, Infinite 
04. Dosage 
05. Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering  
06. Technique Of Desire 
07. Old Leech 
08. Dreamless Heaven 
09. Clear Eyes, Pure Heart 
10. Abyss God Infestation (Secrets) 
11. Down Here With Us, Inside 
12. The Pre-Tested Systems Rebels 
14. The Snafu Principle

In a society racing towards oblivion, its machinic egregoreplex advances control processes that are ultimately futile. The psyche breaks down under the strain and reconfigures as a medium for an alien intelligence. The demonic is a manifestation of future shadow selves transmitted from down the darkest timeline. Society shapes itself to bring this potential into being. 

)+( )+( )+( 

A sacred ritual unspeakably reproduces revelation, The business experiment of Cultural starvation, a system collective treatment root and wallow. Thinking system defined by which World it followed. A maze of phenomena people and the hardware writings race multidimensional witch-hunter quantum collusions in Space. Collapsed ideas conclusion fabricated gullibility parallels inhuman self-delusion of Science Cult system in which hyperstition dwells. 

This capsule of toxins can Work unseen change. 

Para-abnormal Realms in ancient books deceive which senses escalating the subject becoming reality. Beyond revolution image hackers proved application delusion. Others repurpose whatever escape penetrate organs of world demons 

This is Association Myth Theory commodifies the apocalyptic Creative force M-KULT RA speculation, commercialization of the Mythic. Mystic Body Science Energy through the wanted Repression of this spell in a cultic observation of the accusation. 

the Radiation fluids of God pollution 
ruination marketed Genocide invocation 
PURITY Well is Cultural crazy 
but purity just questions a ceremony 
released April 30, 2018 

Aidan McGoran - Guitars 
P. Emerson Williams - Vox, Guitars, bass, synth, cello 
Ruddy Bitch - Drums 

Mark Cunningham - trumpet on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering 
Cern.Th.Skei - programming, keys, bass on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering 
Anna Murphy - Vox on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering
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