Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Added: Three CD's By The Mighty ETHERNAL

It is with great pleasure we bring you three of the best releases we've heard in a long time. ETHERNAL open portals to other realms and time forgotten in a balance of aggression, melody and that old black (metal) magick! 

Limited Addition Digipack, beautifully designed by Ethernal, Dan Capp and Maria Kenney. Includes a lavish inlay denoting the lyrics and symbols of esoteric gnosis contained.
Ethernal - Arkioas - adds intriguing atmospheric and progressive parts to a base of old-school black metal. Not raw and frostbitten, the production is warm, the drums are natural sounding (and wonderfully played), and the guitars have a kind of rounded buzzing sound. Catchy, almost thrashy riffing gives way to epic passages, some with clean and acoustic guitars and lots of reverb and sustain. The title track even has a long passage with clean echoing picking, that wouldn't have been out of place on an early Pink Floyd album. This is a black metal band that doesn't sound like many other black metal bands.
'“Arkioas” is the kind of album that I could happily listen to on repeat for hours (or days) on end. I wouldn’t change a thing. At all. The fact that this album has somehow made me this obsessed, enthused and excited about it in such a short space of time is a true testement to the quality of work contained on it. This is something very special indeed.

Grim Ethernity:
Original Unholy Design pressing of Grim Ethernity, jewel case, inlay including lyrics.
To me, ‘Grim Ethernity’ merely proves that Ethernal are obviously comfortable in their own skin, neither trying to impress the kvlt babies or flummox the prog noodlers. It’s rare for a band to have their own sound these days, but these guys certainly have managed it. Don’t believe me? Check ‘em out and hear for yourself."
Originally written for www.metalteamuk.net

Black Sun EP:
Promo produced before Arkioas, 2 tracks: Order Of The Black Sun and Ravens At dusk. A Mix and Recording not featured on Arkioas.

Acausal Occult Black Metal

At the dawning of the Galactic Aeon, Ethernal was summoned from within the Singularity to awaken those few who could still hear the voice of the Ether.
Drawing on influences ranging from Prog Rock, Classical and Metal, they forged their first demos in 2003/04. A unique, uncompromising, sonic voice for the Infinite Singularity to perpetuate into the causal world.
Ethernal released their critically acclaimed album "Grim Ethernity' in 2008. Self funded and self produced, It received excellent reviews for it's status. 
After a select few devastating live performances over 2010/11 the band embarked on recording their second full length, 'Arkioas'. A reality shattering sonic hymn to the Ether was unleashed. Uncompromisingly archaic, Arkioas was released in 2012 and reflected the bands love for early to mid 90s Black Metal, as well as it's esoteric and occult values.
"...a nature oriented black metal that is also very esoteric and mind-expansive through the use of epic instrumentation."
Nocturnal Cult


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