Thursday, September 27, 2012

Art September: Sanctum

Sanctum - Acrylic on paper 95"x87" - P. Emerson Williams 1995
$2300 + S&H
A depiction of gnosis in abstract form...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nachtmystium, Jarboe and Weapon tour

We're proud to pass on the info on this tour as it has been made public thus far. There is a PANICMACHINE connection here and that is that our own and Choronzon and Veil of Thorns chaote P. Emerson Williams will be on this tour sharing the stage with the legendary Jarboe and the ambient doom vortex that is BALEYYG! This will be one hell of an experience that is not to be missed!

From tour sponsor Brooklyn Vegan:
Dates are starting to trickle out for the previously-discussed, in-the-works Nachtmystium/Jarboe/Weapon tour. Though the full tour-sched is forthcoming, a chunk of dates have been released and are viewable in handy list form below. Those dates include the previously-mentioned stop at Saint Vitus on 11/19 (tickets).

BrooklynVegan is proud sponsor of the Nachtmystium/Jarboe/Weapon jaunt. More details are on the way. If you missed it, make sure and check out the interview/new song stream with Weapon.

All known dates are listed below along with the tour flyer.

11/4 Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun
11/6 Tempe, AZ @ Rocky Point
11/8 Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar (FREE SHOW)
11/9 San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
11/10 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
11/11 Seattle, WA @ Highline
11/12 Boise, ID @ Venue
11/14 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
11/16 St Paul, MN @ Station-4
11/18 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
11/19 New York, NY @ Saint Vitus
11/21 Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge 
NachtmystiumJarboe and Weapon are hitting the road for a string of dates this fall surrounding Blake & Co's appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin in early November. The confirmed dates have the bands in Portland, ME on 11/10 and then at Saint Vitus on 11/19Tickets are on sale. The shows are in celebration of the Chicago band's new LP Silencing Machine.
More date TBA and we'll be sure to keep you updated and keep an eye on Brooklyn Vegan for more details.

Nachtmystium/Jarboe/Weapon November 2012 Ticket Links

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hypnagothique #72 Dead Skull [special]

” I, Gabriel Marie, I came into this world with open eyes, but I saw a world that was a world of dogs. Litter of dogs! And so, The Creator sent me down here to Earth to recover the power that Men have illegally seized. My brothers, you who have joined me in this struggle, understand that together we must fight human beings from their own grounds. The world of appearances. “

The Ampere-Hunters In The Analogue World (Re-Possessed) (2011, A Stronger Way-Part2/compilation)
Unterwelt (2011, Dutch darkness/compilation)
Knife (2008, They Came In Dreams)
[Wolf & Flute] – Dead Skull & 3B (2012, unreleased)
Safe Area (Remix) – Dead Skull & Youth A.D. (2008, EP bonus)
Emil O.C. (2010, Industrial Glue Electronics/compilation)
Tallow (2009, unreleased)
Subspace Field Matrix (Subverse II) (2008, Memory Alfa)
Hypnagogic II (2012, Hypnagogia)
I Miei Colori (2011, Menagerie of Suffering/compilation)
Optimist (2012, Industrial Sabotage/compilation)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PussyPhobia [EP] - All proceeds go to the Free Pussy Riot! Amnesty International Campaign

A huge thank you to those who have bought Dispirit Brutal Leech Servants, the latest single from Veil of Thorns. we have received wonderful feedback from people on this and we assure you there is much more to come from Veil of Thorns in the coming months.

This track is now no longer available for download here, but you can obtain it as part of the PussyPhobia [EP] released by the great CyberfArts label. All proceeds from the PussyPhobia [EP] go to the Free Pussy Riot! Amnesty International Campaign.

PussyPhobia [EP] Tracklist:

1. Veil of Thorns - Dispirit Brutal Leech Servants
2. THControll - I Know You
3. Dead Skull - Necropolice 03:34

Get it here:

Stunguns and overdoses, a network storing adversary soul - Power filter documents - transmission begins... From the pages ov thee GOTHRONOMICON. Fear the unseen controllers while summoning the courage to resist, but FEAR NO ART!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Art September: Wanderer

Wanderer - Watercolour 7"x10" - P. Emerson Williams 2001
$135.00 + S&H

Art September: The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

The Knowledge Of Good And Evil - Watercolour - P. Emerson Williams 2011
$125.00 + S&H

Art September: Stripped Of His Empire

Stripped Of His Empire - Watercolour - P. Emerson Williams 1995
$115.00 + S&H

Art September: Prana

Prana - India ink drawing - P. Emerson Williams 1990
$115.00 + S&H

Art September: Morrigan III

Morrigan III - Pencil drawing 9"x12" - P. Emerson Williams 2009
$35.00 + S&H

Art September: Living In Heaven

Living In Heaven - Watercolour 7"x10" - P. Emerson Williams 2001
$135.00 + S&H

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art September: Justified

Justified - Ink drawing - P. Emerson Williams 1994
$135.00 + S&H

Art September: Initium

Initium - Ink drawing - P. Emerson Williams 1993
$333.00 + S&H

Art September: Initiation 23

Initiation 23 - Pencil drawing - P. Emerson Williams 2009
$155.00 + S&H

Art September: Hermit

Hermit - Watercolour 7"x10" - P. Emerson Williams 2001
$275.00 + S&H

Art September: Extend

Extend - Acrylic on canvas 20"x24" - P. Emerson Williams 2005
$75.00 + S&H

Art September: Boneyard Portal

Boneyard Portal - Ink drawing - P. Emerson Williams 1992
$15.00 + S&H

Monday, September 10, 2012

Art September: 80's Guy I

80's Guy I - Pencil drawing 9"x12" - P. Emerson Williams 2008
$10.00 + S&H

Art September: Winter

Winter - Watercolour - P. Emerson Williams 1989
$15.00 + S&H

Art September: Vintersorg

Vintersorg - Ink on paper - P. Emerson Williams 1993
$15.00 + S&H

Art Ov Musick - Les Vampires, XENARCH

While we continue furiously scan and catalogue the massive amount of art we're offering this month, the music is still coming. We will be making the music from P. Emerson Williams' score of all ten episodes of the classic French silent film serial Les Vampires available from PANICMACHINE Digital Music, and each digital album will include mp4 files of the (roughly) corresponding episodes.

Les Vampires is a film serial that gave us so much of the aesthetic for iconic gothic imagery its influence can not be overstated. Not a single vampire in sight, but enough mystery, twists and wickedness to fill twenty vampire novels. 
There are 10 episodes, averaging around 40 minutes each, totalling about 6 and a half hours, but much more than ten hours of music was created for this version. 
The fact that this series was shot in post WWI Paris has me pondering the urge to create, even in the midst of turmoil and chaos. the Killer Ring offered me a lot in the way of visual inspiration and coaxed sounds from me that I hadn't anticipated.
-P. Emerson Williams

The first two episodes are combined into one collection because together they are about the length of an album and the sounds of the two flow together quite well. We'll be bringing P. Emerson Williams solo compositional excursions to iTunes etc. as we proceed as well. It's just a matter of reaching that section of our ever growing list...

XENARCH - Devourers Of The Living

In other news, XENARCH have emerged from their blasphemous cloister to give us a look at the cover of their upcoming EP and they sent us rough mixes of the first two trax as well and we can only say we are blown away. This EP may even see the dark of night this month.

Art September: Svarte Roser

Svarte Roser - Ink on paper - P. Emerson Williams 1995
$25.00 + S&H

Beauty Is Embarassing Interview with Wayne White and Director Neil Berke...

Art September: Stone Blanket

Stone Blanket - Pencil drawing - P. Emerson Williams 2009
$15.00 + S&H

Art September: Some Ancient Evening

Some Ancient Evening - Watercolour 7"x10" - P. Emerson Williams 2001
$55.00 + S&H

Art September: Suitamatronic

Suitamatronic - Pencil drawing 9"x12" - P. Emerson Williams 2007
$25.00 + S&H

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