Monday, December 22, 2014

We Conclude The Year With Choronzonic Sonics

Little has been heard from the mighty Choronzon since ///Consummation//\\Metanoia\\\, their last full-length which was released in 2012. We've threaded thee Wyrm through services and systems and those who hath understanding could reckon the end of the slumber of the Beast...
Here's what will make your season chaotically festive:
Arcanum \är-ˈkā-nəm\ 1 : mysterious or specialized knowledge, language, or information accessible or possessed only by the initiate 2 : elixir 3 : secret 

Chao \ˈkā-ˌä\ 1 : complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything, a state of things in which chance is supreme; especially : the confused unorganized state of primordial matter before the creation of distinct forms — the state of the universe before there was any order and before stars and planets were formed b : the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system (as the atmosphere, boiling water, or the beating heart) c : a confused mass or mixture [a chaos of television antennas]

From before and outside time as pure potential, manifest beneath and througout every phenomenon of existence and the medium that only through which any action being is possible. What is encoded within these sounds is hidden from those who have no direct experience in working the current of chaos, but for the initiated, the keys to the mysteries are extended with a generous proffering hand. With Arcanum Ab Chao, Baleyyg and Choronzon come together to open up a sonic space that clears away the veneer of control to show the chaos of destruction and creation hid within. Fans of Choronzon will remember the arcane and intense material Baleyyg contributed to the 2012 Choronzon release ///Consummation//\\ Metanoia\\\.
"For this split-release with Choronzon we have provided 1 monolithic track, 35 minutes in length, titled 'Stemmeløse'." states Baleyyg, "The translation of this word from Norwegian into English means 'Voiceless'. We have never attempted to define or render any sort of explanation of the sonic narratives within Baleyyg material. The inner-secret to the experience is to let oneself follow the sound-art where it shall lead, one shall know when the portals open and are 'activated' when the many other layers and hidden elements within the track come into "view" as one experiences it."

"We have done very few split releases through the years", says Choronzon chaote P. Emerson williams, "but when we do we see it as a way of combining with artists to create a work that in total is more than a sum of its parts. Arcanum Ab Chao continues this practice and takes it further."

Back in September we brought out Revelations Of Power, one new track, one cryptovox call from across the Abyss and an instrumental teaser from a monumental future Choronzon release.
Revelations Of Power is a transmission from the depths of the Abyss, in the form of a storm of cryptovox, organic sounds and techno-filtration. Herein is a holographic encapsulation of the 333 hypersigil as manifest thus far and what is to be added in future.

Lastly, we obtained a newly digitized set of Choronzon's untitled 1996 demo that was later released on CD as "333". Lovingly ripped by a fan and we decided a couple new tracks should be added to the PANICMACHINE version. We are proud to bring you 333 (Carnage Of Thought Edition!

In this edition listeners get to hear these tracks as only those who had the original 1996 tapes have heard it. Hear Choronzon bringing the electronic invocations at a time when such experiments were extremely rare.

A Lord of Chaos, Choronzon (whose cabalistic number is 333), has been following me around for a while, ever since I summoned him forth, in the shadow state between dreams and waking. It’s disturbing when something from the land of Morpheus breaks through, and you get a tape from a local band that has named itself (coincidently, of course) after the very demon who has been wreaking havoc in your life. Choronzon (the band) is P. Emerson Williams, also of Veil of Thorns, and he obviously knows the occult arts. I’m assuming he’s a Thelemite, because one of the songs is called “Perdurabo”, a pseudonym of Aleister Crowley’s. 
In any case, the music is HEAVY. thick, dark and raging. The songs are a caustic liquid, dripping from my speakers like rivers of fire, howling and shrieking in anger and torment. Drum beats loop on top of one another, twisting themselves into a rope that the music can climb on (although I’m looking forward to when Williams gets a live drummer(s), because for all the creative intricacies in the music, the rhythms are too mechanical at times). 
Dense guitar crunch permeates the album, throwing a few technical metal riffs, and the vocals seem to have been ripped from the throat of 333 himself. 
If you want to delve into the world of unconscious terror, or think that you’ve heard the deepest and heaviest metal has gotten, get this tape. But be prepared for little “accidents” to follow you around for a while.
-Lex Marburger/Lollipop Magazine

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting PANICMACHINE-A-Matic On Dog Germs, 97.3 WRIR, Richmond VA!!!!

Oh, aye, t'is a thrill to have PANICMACHINE musick included in this high energy edition of WRIR's always excellent and informative show DOG GERMS!! Two tracks from P. Emerson Williams, from the EP with Mark Cunningham, Sea Of Eyes, currently available everywhere and an exclusive debut of a track from the forthcoming album Luminous.

On top of that, our kindly host throws a track from the brand new Veil of Thorns album into the mix! Hie thee hence and check out the show, support a great radio station and support great independent music. You can listen to the show below or download podcast here.

dog germs 9/17/14 edition 
got a loaded show for your ears tonight! we start it all off with a number of bands playing in richmond and d.c. in the next few days: hocico, hardwire, venal flesh on wednesday @ fallout (rva); the koffin kats, creep-a-zoids, car thief on friday @ wonderland (rva); and erasure on friday and saturday @ 9:30 club (d.c.)!
also on tonight's show i have music from three p. emerson williams projects: his new upcoming solo album, his latest e.p. with mark cunningham, and something from the new veil of thorns album!

all this mega goodness and much more, including your requests!

more" to see the playlist!

miss the show? you can always try to unmiss it via the podcast!

...and be sure to like us on facebook!

thank you for listening! have wonderful week!

dig itskinny puppythe singles collectnettwerk1999
flesh to laceratehocicotiempos de furiametropolis2011
god help us all (feat. en esch)hardwireinsurrectiondanse macabre2012
emulgent disfigurementvenal fleshemulgent disfigurementjuggernaut2014
severing tiesthe koffin katsour way & the highwaysailor's grave2012
dead by dawncreep-a-zoidscreep-a-zoids"self released"2013
patrick swayze goes home to diecar thiefcar thief"self released"2012
hideaway (remix)erasurejust say yes...sire1987
chains of loveerasurethe innocentssire1988
dimensions unknownp. emerson williamsluminouspanicmachine2014
sea of eyesp. emerson williams feat. mark cunninghamsea of eyespanicmachine2014
messenger of nightveil of thornseschaton & celebrationpanicmachine2014
the trap (second enclosure)x-marks the pedwalkindustrial revolution 3rd edition: rare & unreleasedcleopatra1996
regression (live)low on sanitylive on wrir's river city limits-2013
zuviel von mirherzschlagfest der liebemetropolis2009
queen of the niteblutzukkerbensch audio samplerbensch audio2011
speak to merotersandrandom is resistancemetropolis2009
i want 2 b uversus24 years of rebellion"creative commons"2011
something i choose to ignorexuberxall things belong to us nowradio active music2010
lovecompassionzondustrialthe pointradio active music2011
dust in the universearmy of the universelovedead ep & remixesmetropolis2011
listen to my voicegary numanpureeagle2000
bleed my diseaseuranium 235number of samples"self released"1996
too piecesyazupstairs at eric'ssire1982
pure morningbeauty queen autopsypure morningundustrial2014
flowersasylum xiiiflowers"self released"2014
acoustic romancea kiss could be deadlya kiss could be deadlymetropolis2008
call meblondiethe best of blondiechrysalis1981
all these things that i've donethe killershot fussisland2004

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Interview with Veil of Thorns!

An interview with P. Emerson Williams from Veil of Thorns has just been published on the Robex Lundgren blog! Hie thee hence and check it out!

P. Emerson Williams - Veil of Thorns
What made you call the band "Veil of Thorns"? It came from a line of thought about the nature of space-time in gnostic cosmology, the Demiurge, Jaldaboath and Maya (illusion, or delusion - Sanskrit माया) in Vedic literature. Socialization and quirks of language can make for illusory views of reality and being and tearing aside the illusion can cause pain. Hence the Veil and the Thorns.

Read the interview over on Robex Lundgern's blog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Next Release: P. Emerson Williams Feat. Mark Cunningham - Sea Of Eyes EP

P. Emerson Williams and Mark Cunningham reached across the Atlantic ocean in collaboration to create the new EP Sea Of Eyes. This release shows a new aesthetic for the man behind Choronzon, Veil of Thorns and kkoagulaa. The combination of the two collaborator's backgrounds is a nexus of many worlds. The seed for the collaboration between P. Emerson Williams and Mark Cunningham was sown in Barcelona, Spain where the Jarboe & P. Emerson Williams 2013 tour stopped for a performance at Ritual Cvlt Party #1

The great 'zine Terra Relicta will be premiering the first track from Sea Of Eyes EP later this month. We'll spread the word when they do, though you would be well served to always check out the site and follow them on G+Twitter and Facebook.
About Mark Cunningham:
Born 1952 New Jersey. Took up trumpet at seven in school band, guitar at 14 in garage band. Psychotropic Sixties adventures led to college in St. Pete, Florida 1970, free music, theater, . Back to New York City 1974 CBGB explosion Patti Smith, Television... time for a band started MARS No wave noise seventies NO NEW YORK 1978 Brian Eno snapshot of a scene doomed to give way to dance music eighties...1981 JOHN GAVANTI no opera finding sounds that led to DON KING 1983-1989 horns and drums acoustic at birth but hooked by electronics before dispersing 1991 moved to Barcelona embraced European decadence formed RAEO with Gat to anticipate new century ways and now total artistic alliance with Silvia Mestres in CONVOLUTION. 
In 1997 recorded sole solo work "Blood River Dusk" , with assistance from Silvia and inspiration from Cormac McCarthy´s Blood Meridian, of which The Wire wrote the following: "Death blows through the new trumpet music of former New York No Waver Mark Cunningham like the desert wind whistling through the empty eye sockets of a skull."
Along the way collaborations with many like and unlike minded persons and bands such as Christian Marclay, Rudolph Grey, Lydia Lunch, Fist of Facts (ex-liquid liquid), Jim Thirlwell (Foetus), Bewitched, Jakob Draminsky, Superelvis, Pascal Comelade, Mil Dolores Pequeños, Butch Morris, Etant Donnes, and most recently as a floating member of Thee Majesty, the new group of Genesis P-Orridge..

About P. Emerson Williams:
P. Emerson Williams is a multi-media artist delving in music, art, writing, and video. More people listen to the sounds of P. Emerson Williams every day than realize it, for much of it is embedded in extensive transmedia projects past and ongoing. A visionary artist and an illustrator, his work takes projects spanning physical and digital media, genres and modes of performance to strange realms.  
"Given P. Emerson Williams extensive track record of cross-medium and genre art over the past thirty years, it is likely he will become an underground legend. This may have occurred already, yet given his reclusiveness, it’s unlikely he would notice." -James Curcio, author of Fallen Nation, Join My Cult and The Immanence of Myth
P. Emerson Williams is a Necrofuturist Highwire Artist – Dr. Hyatts Black Book Omega, The Original Falcon Press, 2009 

w/ Jarboe + Obsidian Kingdom Drone Set + Mark Cunningham
29th November 2013 @ Hangar (Barcelona)

Video · Footage & editing by Jander
Music · "Magnesia" by Mark Cunningham

Join the Cvlt & Obey the Sacred Noise


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