Monday, April 7, 2014

Veil of Thorns - Ideation Ante​-​Chamber - Free Track Download

Icon Pencil Drawing 4 3/4" x 8 1/2"
2014 P. Emerson Williams
$55.00 + S&H
Born of spontaneous compulsion, a new track from Veil of Thorns comes our way. There is something big and far-reaching in the works for Veil of Thorns in 2014, but this is not connected. We have been warned there may be more single tracks in store...

Ideation Ante-Chamber 
But this cage decedents mushroom Intuition
Open tune in to sensationalism
Mythology of work that throne
Remnants cross rehearsal indicates
Work misery contorted books misleading
Up there by bleeding murder of rage
The figure creations discovery
Dwelling in restriction hands apply  
The hunger exploitation
Rarely Found beings grown strange
The ideation ante-chamber
Dying matters
Intelligent knife pleasure  
Dead around light dripping insanity blood model
Contains obscuring following static under the seeds
The quelling and innocence disease eating their arm
Just cannibals debate memory eating
Sacrifice a time realization that technology flesh artworks
Pervasiveness and glow denial words the abhorred
Straining felt in half-hidden power touch years of vision 
The hunger exploitation
Rarely Found beings grown strange
The ideation ante-chamber
Dying matters
Intelligent knife pleasure  
P. Emerson Williams - Vox, Bass, Cello, Guitar 
Ruddy Bitch - Drums 
Pandora - Drums 

Recorded at Abulafia Studio April, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

ORIGINAL ART SOLD: Anti​-​Gnomen Divisionen 4 (Mastering the fine art of gnome eradication) by TONTTU

Another chapter of the Nekrognomekon mythos is upon us and we could not be more excited, frightened or puzzled. We can tell you with utmost certainty that since the master recordings of this opus landed on our doorstep at PANICMACHINE Towers that there has been seen nary a gnome in our spacious attic and basement, nor any gnomic tittering in the shadows of the shadowy secret passageways anywhere on our extensive compound and the gremlins seem to shy away as well. This feeling of safety can be yours if you act now!!!

These are the last remaining words (divided in four recognizable sections) of TFG before he was committed to anger management. Was this just another plot by gnomes? Or did he finish the job and volunteer to go? Is the world safe or was there danger in the first place? Madman or unsung hero trying to save mankind - only time will tell... Until then you may want to be careful out there...

TONTTU - Anti​-​Gnomen Divisionen 4 (Mastering the fine art of gnome eradication)
CD In DVD Case
$10 + S&H

TONTTU - Nekrognomikon CD
$9.99 + S&H

Well, a collection of tracks lands on me like a message from beyond the pale. I have obtained documentation of the dreaded 'Nekrognomicon', the package is a concoction of Finnish folklore, demonology and wild conspiracy theories in a gnomic twist on Lovecraftian terror. Finding the words for the sounds and related reading material is a challenge. Going through this reviewer's mind is "this is madness", repeating like a mantra being transmitted by the Elder Gods.

Whatever the curious who stumble upon the 'Nekrognomicon' think of what they hear in its vibrations and read in its blood-soaked pages, they will find an uncomfortable feeling indwelling their innermost core. This feeling will persist, will grow into strange dreams and disturbing thoughts. Thoughts will become ever more obsessive and elaborate in their twisting insistence and impel to unwholesome researches and ultimately bring the hapless victims back to the 'Nekrognomicon' and into the gnomic clutches of eternal night and madness. When you hear the gnomes and their victims screaming at the gibbous moon, stay inside...
released 12 October 2013
Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal (1997-2013)
Großinquisitor Rudolf Von Deer (2013)
Petja (1997-1998)
Toby (Special guest / guitar) (1997)
Joining The Hunt:


TONTTU's manifestation 2014:

At studio...
Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal: Propaganda...
Großinquisitor Rudolf Von Deer: Engineering...
Completed @ Studio Vire ( 1/2014 by GRVD

...and beyond.
High Commander Hephzibah: Composing (2-5)/Translation/Support...
Cover Art Extraordinaire:
P. Emerson Williams

TONTTU - Pencil Drawing
2014 P. Emerson Williams
$150 + S&H


Monday, January 20, 2014

New Release: Phantasmagoria by Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison

01. Phantasmagoria 
02. Ashen Wights 
03. The Hungry Ghost 
04. Winter Town (Part One) 
05. The Plague Doctor 
06. The Fetch: A Suicide Note (Part One) 
07. The Devil & Johnny Orpheus 
08. Winter Town (Part Two) 
09. Arkwright & The Angel 
10. The Fetch: A Suicide Note (Part Two) 
11. The Pennine Horror 
12. Winter Town (Part Three) 
13. A Prisoner In The City Of Books
A plague doctor wanders seventeenth century London, on the eve of the apocalypse. In an abandoned house with a dark past, a ghost gazes out onto the world of the living. An angel from the fourth dimension becomes a sculptor's muse. A heroin addled guitarist makes a pact with the devil – and pays the price. Welcome to Phantasmagoria – a journey through nightmare, madness, magic, and illusion.
Those of you who have been following the Necrofuturist Transmission on Nightbreed Radio have had the pleasure of being drawn into the the disturbing world of Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison's writing and spoken word incantations. It is a thrill for us to be granted permission to offer this incredible collection to you.

The FLAC files are 24 bit, and higher than CD quality sound, and the download comes with a printer- ready PDF of the stories.

Written and read by Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison
Phantasmagoria theme music written and performed by Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison
A resident of the bucolic Pennines in England, Mr. Morrison is a prolific writer of fiction and essays, a polymathic musician-singer-songwriter, a dedicated botherer of dolphins, an accomplished Godzilla haikuist, a pious chronicler of alchemical legerdemain, and a heterodoxically inclined expert on the history of the arcane and occult. - The Lovecraft News Network
Explore the genius of Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison further at:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

SOLD: Art: The Pulse Of The Lingering Spirit


The Pulse Of The Lingering Spirit - Ink on paper 11"x15" - P. Emerson Williams 1996
$75.00 + S&H
Veil Of Thorns fans will recognize this image from the first edition of Cafe Flesh, their CD debut. This really is emblematic of Emerson's work from this period with bold ink strokes, but conveying a building confidence in structure and motion. The medium of india ink, emphasized during the 1990's because most independent magazines of the time could only print bold black and white has become a very rewarding and challenging way to create.

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