Friday, February 22, 2013

▲ı▼ı▲ Conspire With PANICMACHINE

Forget about the speculation about Jay Z, Lady Gaga or whoever the current the latest corporate brand-as-culture creation currently capturing the imagination of the conspirasphere. ▲ı▼ı▲ are one step beyond. Not content to be Illuminati puppets, our favourite Space Witches have their reptilian hands on the levers.

First the Bavarian Siblings brought us VOICE IN THE NIGHT, a brand new EP:

Furthermore, we have been reached an agreement with ▲ı▼ı▲ to distribute MMM, their debut album and most of their public thus far.

Theoretically, an Age of Bureaucracy can last until a paper shortage develops, but, in practice, it never lasts longer than 73 permutations.
—WEISHAUPT, Konigen, Kirchen and Dummheit 
We have instituted a fully paperless bureaucracy. We're good to go through Peak Oil at the very least.
—▲ı▼ı▲, Liber ı▼ıı▼ıı▼ı 
As Illuminati Primi, ▲ı▼ı▲ serve as 3/4 of the secret organization’s executive council and masterfully and invisibly orchestrates all the world’s major events. ▲ı▼ı▲ epitomize the repressive spirit of our age. ▲ı▼ı▲ are out to capture your life energy and appreciate how generous you have been with this energy thus far. The re-animated creatures coming out of the lake might just have your face... 
The fourth Illuminatus Primus represents the eye so often left out of the triune symbol, possessed by a lloigor made by the sides of the triangle, and the corporeality into the void. If you can read this you are already jacked in as our source for this operation of Illuminati science, that of strategic biomysticism. 
Let the firefly thoughts flit in and out of the dark halls of your mind, be the dehumanized as a gilded ornaments of the Spirit of Ecstasy, a purity of essence. Dissociate, identify, hypnotize.

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