Friday, March 29, 2013

Hypnagothique #94 – Wraith Productions / PANICMACHINE [special combo]

With the latest episode of the Hypnagothique podcast we are doubly honoured. First to be covered so extensively in this incredible series created by the amazing DJ Vrhovny, and also to be paired with Wraith Productions, one of the most innovative and glorious labels in the underground.

Hie thee hence and grab this journey through multiple harsh and uncaring universes and the space between here.

#The Luciferian Revolutions
I Am Confused – Underdark
Lilitu – Ptahil
Ex Nihilo – Wolfshade
L’Isolement – Wolfshade
Sixty Lashes of Fire – Hills of Sefiroth
The Tripumph – Nenavist
Distant Underground Kingdoms Long Forgotten – Absonus Noctis
Day of Funeral Procession – Sejtane

#The Luciferian Revolutions continued
Overwhelmed with Pleasure – Choronzon
The Middle Path – Choronzon
Spectres Through The Walls – P. Emerson Williams
System Uncertainty – Choronzon
Noise Covered Worship – Veil of Thorns
Coming To Fruition – XENARCH
Harvest ov Souls – Veil of Thorns
SNOWSTORM (He Can See It On The Radar Mix) – ▲ı▼ı▲

Wraith productions:


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