Friday, November 25, 2011

And On the Second Day...

What you see below is a few examples of what offering with which we begin. We have a selection of very hard to find releases from innovative artists. Have a look around and come back often. We have stock on its way and we expect to be updating frequently. And just as frequently, many of these items will sell out. Sometimes we can get something back in stock, but sometimes once it's gone, it's gone.

Soon we'll be bringing you info about some brand new releases we have planned. Music, books and DVD's are all at some stage of production and we're very excited about this new journey.

SLEEP CHAMBER - SIXSIXSIX 4LP + 7" + Booklet!!!!!!

The SLEEPCHAMBER box! An eclectic mix of early minimal synth, ambient ritual musick, and industrial masterpieces. Featuring a tracks from 79 to 87, but focusing on SLEEPCHAMBER's first six years.

$85.00 + S&H

RAT KING – Larva – CD (Import)

Rat King’s second album, released in 2009.

Track Listing:
1. Egg
2. Hour Of The Wolf
3. The Duel
4. The Wake
5. Spiracle
6. For Absent Gods
7. Tranquility Lane
8. Smorgasbord
9. Vapour

Remixed and remastered at Nefertiti Studios by Deepak Raghu.
Artwork & Design: P. Emerson Williams


SLEEP CHAMBER – Mescaline Dreams – DVD

SLEEP CHAMBER live at Worcester March 3rd, 1989.   Reissue.

Catalog #: DVD XXX 003
Format: DVD
Country USA
Released 2009
Performer: John Zewizz,  Jonathan Briley, Tione

Set List:

1   Mandrax & Stryx
2   Warm Leatherette
3   Fetish
4   That's Romance
5   Site Ov Pain
6   Ov This Flesh
7   Kiss The Whip
8   The Light Pours Out Ov Me
9   Mrs. Goodbar
10   Kiss The Whip (Encore)



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