Saturday, May 12, 2012

PANICMACHINE Sounds on Kicks Extreme Radio!!!

We were very excited to tune in to Kicks Extreme Radio this week and finding SABBATH 23 from the recently released SEREMONY album from SLEEPCHAMBER!!! Kicks is a weekly radio show on Radio Centraal in Antwerp, Belgium.

Check out this latest episode of Kicks Extreme Radio for a great range of dark aural shades! Hie thee hence to the Kicks Playlist post and you can stream the episode from the sidebar. In every episode, you get two hours of great variation brought to you your charming and knowledgeable hosts.

We would highly recommend subscribing to the Kicks Extreme Radio rss feed, adding Radio Centraal to your media player bookmarks and tuning in live if you live where their signal reaches.
The idea of the radio show Kicks was born early 1989 when Radio Centraal expanded their broadcast schedule from 3 days each week to a whole week. Of course this expansion meant that they were looking for new shows to fill this on air time. Peggy and Bruno moved to Antwerp in 1988 and were already fans of this radio station and had been involved in other musical activities before, mostly as dj’s. So it was an obvious choice for them to express their love for all underground music by creating a weekly radio show. Since Peggy and Bruno get most of their kicks by searching for and listening to the diversity of underground music they decided this would be an excellent name for their quest. On a late Friday afternoon in May 1989 Kicks made it’s appearance on the airwaves in Antwerp. After a short while their time slot changed from 1 to 2 hours weekly. After a year it was impossible for Peggy and Bruno to combine this time slot on Friday with their daily activities so Kicks moved to Wednesday from 20:30h to 22:30h CET.


Ebon Lore: The Owl (Wisdom of the Owl - Nordvis produktion)
Myrkvar: Noodlot + Voorspelling (As en Bloed – Shiver records)
Absent Without Leave: where the birds fly in winter (Faded Photographs)
Moxham Castle: Ancient Ones (Consume EP)
Brett Gleason: The Thawing (The Thawing)
Alcoholicaust: Prisoner of Hate (What Would Jesus Do)
Warbeast Remains: Warcry (Stronghold – Shiver records)
Electric Bird Noise: The 12.14 Choir (Live at The Basement – Silber records)
Laster: Tot eenheid verweven (Wijsgeer & Narreman)
The Hart: Mountains (Cascades)
Silent Wind: N49-Chandra (Dawn Of A New Age)
Solar Deity: Blasphemous Chanting On A Moonless Night (Various artists: Death Zone Compilation Vol. 1 - Domestic Genocide records)
Karcavul: Culacl Rnael (Rawctaver)
The Seer: Timeless (Timeless Single)

And again, you should head over to where you will be able to stream this week's show, as well as explore the extensive show archives and you will find links to free releases by artists played in this episode.

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