Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Catch PTAHIL Live @ November Coming Fire!

November Coming Fire Fest

This promises to be one hell of a blowout and one should always take the opportunity to see PTAHIL live and raw.

WMSE and Team Metal proudly bring you November Coming Fire. This is the first of what hopefully can be a yearly event. A mix of the best elements of the best music on the planet. No dead weight on this, all killers.

The bands are...
Deiphago - Hells Headbangers. Originally from the Philippines,they have been creating filthy black death since 89. First time in Milwaukee.
In Defence - Goodtime HxC thrash from Minneapolis. Profane Existence records.
Ptahil - Orthodox thrashing black metal from Indiana. Ex members of Fog and Harvist
Beast in the Field- Intensely loud rocking stoner doom from Michigan.In the vein of Reverend Bizarre or Electric Wizard.
Opposition Rising - Punky HXC from Boston.
Mortals - all female band from NYC. sludgy angular metal w/ NWOBHM elements thrown in.
Manticore - Long running black death from Ohio.
Nak’ay - blackened grind from Indiana. Possibly the best grind band in the Midwest right now.
Sick/Tired - fast grindish hardcore from Chicago. think Nasum but not so Relapse sounding.
Northless - Intense bleak doom from Milwaukee. Never not devastating live.
Enabler - Metallic D beat/crust from Milwaukee.
Razor Fist - Throwback metal from the Fox Valley. A perfect mix of old Overkill and Cirith Ungol.
Wartorn - Awesome Dbeat crust from the Fox Valley. First Milwaukee show in awhile.
Choose Your Poison - Thrashy crust from the Fox Valley. The best assembly of people there could possibly be in a band.
Burning Sons - Throwback thrashy hardcore from Milwaukee. Dan is pretty much the unofficial mayor of Milwaukee's punk scene too.
Shroud of Despondency - Awesome blackened metal with folk and death metal elements from Milwaukee.
The Cold Beyond - Dusting off after nearly 10 years away, two piece black metal filth.
DSM - members of Festerfuck and Milorganaut doing grinding powerviolence. First show.

3 stages:
At Quarters - 900 E Center St Milwaukee. 6pm door.
At Stonefly - 735 E Center St Milwaukee. 9pm door.
and at the Uptowner - 1032 Et Center Milwaukee 6pm door

$7 each show except Quarters is $8[lotta bands playing there]/15 for all three. All the money goes to the bands.

Tickets: $8,

Full Details:

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