Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Interview with Veil of Thorns!

An interview with P. Emerson Williams from Veil of Thorns has just been published on the Robex Lundgren blog! Hie thee hence and check it out!

P. Emerson Williams - Veil of Thorns
What made you call the band "Veil of Thorns"? It came from a line of thought about the nature of space-time in gnostic cosmology, the Demiurge, Jaldaboath and Maya (illusion, or delusion - Sanskrit माया) in Vedic literature. Socialization and quirks of language can make for illusory views of reality and being and tearing aside the illusion can cause pain. Hence the Veil and the Thorns.

Read the interview over on Robex Lundgern's blog.

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