Saturday, September 19, 2020

Choronzon - Inside Every Vermilion Canvas

Shredded nerves and blown out synapses entangle to break with the consensus. At the center of the storm is found the silence with which to make the chaos to come into a groove sensation. Psychic stasis becomes decisive, surgical action, collapse becomes growth. Beneath each image is the unformed, an eternal promise.

Inside Every Vermilion Canvas

Terrorism resonate possible
object of fragmented high emergency demons
in clear illumination of terrorism will
Witnesses Breach the knowledge

Lockdown magical arcane
witch-hunters and your inhuman Cult mind
passing to question
the invocation pollution enigma

experience crypto-anarchy
Improvised religion Device
shock ideas escalating
Chemical rain - methods chosen

Delta dwells just monitor
structures mages active
the Undercover cleansing
to re-purpose atoms
Biological transformative
entanglement, a time dimension

penetrate Retinal Locks
dimension intensity adherence
this visual slippery blacknet
followed the Warfare Liberation
Chemical sovereignty

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