Friday, March 9, 2012

New In Stock: Two Releases From HOODOOENGINE

We are proud to annouce that we have added both albums of HOODOOENGINE to our offerings. This is just the what you need to innoculate your brains against the implantation of reptilian overlord larvae and alien memetic self-destruct virii.

HoodooEngine is a ghastly noise machine, incessantly bearing down on its passengers with locomotive force—powered by the steam of your sweat and hellbent on mutual annihilation.

13 tracks of mind-bending insanity on CD for just $8.88.

Arcane magick rituals, elite reptilian overlords, and musings on immanentizing the eschaton.

Johan Ess - vocals, sounds
Marz233 - arrangement, drums, synths, sounds
James Curcio - rhythm guitar, bass, percussion

Additional studio musicians:
Scott Landes - lead guitar
The Illuminist - lead guitar
Jeff Hartman - rhythm guitar on 'drawing the void'
William Clark - percussion

Produced and Mixed by Johan Ess, Marz233, and James Curcio
Final Mixing and Mastering by Bruce Gatewood and Bob Idakaar

Photography by William Clark
Art design by James Curcio

“...a demon fueled express ride through the undecipherable hell we call reality.” (Flash Flood Media)

"HOODOOENGINE’s target is to bring on the psychotic and brain-shattering music to the “dystopian generation”, fusing influences as TOOL, SKINNY PUPPY, KMFDM, MINISTRY (I’d suspect KOMBAT UNIT on the list too, there’s something about drumming that makes me think of FRONT 242 as well) into their unique brewery of sound ready to pummel you out of any comfort zone you might wish to cling to. " (Reflections of Darkness.)

"Beefy!" (Jared Louche, Chemlab.)

"If you like bands like Die Krupps, Orgy, KMFDM, Electric Hellfire Club, etc., you might enjoy this." (Chain DLK)

CD $8.88
The first album, "EgoWhore," transports you through a dystopian Sci-fi tour of industrial strength metal and hardcore crunktronica. It is a true product of the digital / DIY generation, produced mostly on a Macbook Pro with the assistance of enough entheogens to bewilder an entire caravan of oxen.

EgoWhore is a non-stop progression of hooks and anthems. There's a strong pop structure underlying the album, despite how it doesn't sound too much like pop on the surface. -Carpe Nocturne

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