Saturday, March 31, 2012



We at PANICMACHINE are extremely proud to announce our first official release, and what a release it is!  The tracks of SEREMONY have burrowed themselves under our skin and have been haunting our dreams around here as we worked to prepare for its release.

We will have more details in the days to come. We hope to be able to muster the eloquence needed to express how exciting, disturbing and mesmerizing this album is. Occult means hidden. Make SLEEPCHAMBER your guide into the unknown.
Coming in early April 2012 is SEREMONY, a brand new powerful ritualistic album from the mighty SLEEPCHAMBER! Keep coming back over the next few days for more detials on this incomparable release. 
Meanwhile, above is the first look at the cover of SEREMONY and clock over to the video section and feast your eyes and ears on the SLEEPCHAMBER ~ ''MAGICK"~ ( Sigils ) #2 video by JOHN ZEWIZZ!
If you are subscribed to the SLEEPCHAMBER Official Video Den on Youtube you will already have seen the video, as well as a wealth of classic and rare SLEEPCHAMBER and INNER-X-MUSICK videos - 150 videos and counting!!! -From

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