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Now Released: CHORONZON - Psychosis Ex Machina Decay And Bloodshed Edition Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Psychosis Ex Machina Decay And Bloodshed Edition Pt. 1&2 CD's $16.00 + S&H

2002 saw the release of Psychosis Ex Machina, the shamanic and improvisational chaotic sound-sculpture by Choronzon. Psychosis Ex Machina was a journey further into madness and gnosis than even those who could grok Magog Agog, their 1998 debut on Nocturnal Art Productions and Era Vulgaris, the followup wrapped in myth and lore could have even enticipated.

Chaotic and trance-inducing was the swirling and percussive assault launched on that release by P. Emerson Williams Voland. Displayed was a experimental melding of ethnic percussion, twisted sound scapes and emotionally unhinged vocal invocations. Claustrophobic tunnels of darkness open up into vast churning heavens into which the listeners are thrown.

A decade after the completion of recording Psychosis Ex Machina Choronzon brings an expanded remaster that includes an added 50 minutes of music from the sessions, an ebook and six music videos. The original tracks were revisited, given new mixes and mastering was done by electronic music veteran and avant garde video artist Ferenc Teglas.

Choronzon have always been known as anarchic and occult practtioners of sonic Magickal craft, but previous releases were mere previews of the harrowing scope of Psychosis Ex Machina and now this album has been brought closer to the original, appropriately psychotic vision of its creator. The original single disc alb um was a lot to take in and the cumulative effect of the one hour and fifty-two minute sonic assault with ebook and videos will yield years of gnosis and puzzlement to those who brave its scorched ground.

Born of need and dark desires no person would like to admit to.
released 29 March 2012
P. Emerson Williams - Vox, Guitar, Keyboards, Vio-Lin, Sonic Manipulation, Cello, Cryptovox
Voland - Bass, Screams, Torture

You get both CD's for one low price, each in its own jewel case. Upon ordering you also get immediate gratification with the download of the music along with the ebook and music videos.

01 – Dies-Ease (Wrath) (Remaster)
02 – The Enchanting Dead (Remaster)
03 – Crypt-Analysis (Remaster)
04 – Surge Of Blood (Remaster)
05 – Crossing I - The 30th Aethyr (Remaster)
06 – Asymmetrical Red Chamber (Remaster)
07 – Crossing II - The 29th Aethyr (Remaster)
08 – Justified (Remaster)
09 – Crossing III - The 28th Aethyr (Remaster)
10 – Ornamental Crypto-Anarchy (Remaster)
11 – Split In Two (Bonus Track)
12 – Offering (Bonus Track)
13 – When Drones Find No Warm Targets (Bonus Track)
14 – Sentient and Out of Fuel (Bonus Track)

“...melodies like rusty barbs attaching to your eardrums and on the other hand endless passages of sheer noise that drive you insane, especially when, which I recommend, you listen to this at maximum volume.” -Nhashi, Voices From the Darkside 
“Even after dozens of listens I'm finding more things about this record and it still has the awe and entrancing feelings of when I first heard these tracks. These are the signs of a true classic to me, and as such I have no reservations giving this work my highest recommendations.” 
“I’m keeping it under lock and key, just to be on the safe side. Regrettably, it seems to have heard my plans…” -Mick Mercer 
“Il flotte sur ce disque un parfum de nihilisme qui fait peur, car rarement on aura osé aller aussi loin dans la totale négation de la mélodie et de la beauté.” -Decibels Storm
“For the dark eccentric wierdo inthe metal crowd only.” -Pit Magazine
“The industrial edge of this band is the most visual side of their music, several noisy factors do play an essential part of he music and do not allow it to become poloshed or predictable.” -Nordic Vision Magazine.  
“A chaos demon has landed on Choronzon recording – that is why it is so sick. Alas never try to stick a label to this cd, otherwise it leaves you dissatisfied. Better get into it with free mind, as it can not be an everyday listen.” -Ledo Takas#6 zine. 

Liber Psychosis Ex Machina 46 Page 8.5"x8.5" Paperback Book $20.00 + S&H
The words and images that open up the world of Choronzon's Psychosis Ex Machina. A view from within the machinery of empire. With the words to the sounds supplied, the picture becomes clearer and harder to grasp...
P. Emerson Williams
First Edition
Language: English
Pages: 46
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior: Full color
Dimensions: (inches) 8.5 wide x 8.5 tall

Psychosis Ex Machina Decay And Bloodshed Edition Full Packace $50.00 + S&H

The full package includes both CD's and the Liber Psychosis Ex Machina book as well as the full digital release. the first three to order will receive the original P. Emerson Williams drawings from which the album art was created.

All options include immediate download of the 14-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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