Monday, August 13, 2012

New PANICMACHINE DVD! Dead Skull - Das Boot

We are extremely proud and excited to have the privilege of presenting to you this unique and haunting work of art in sight and sound. Showing what a true artist he is, Vrhovny takes personal experiences and explores the realm of dreams and the subconscious. The scope and depth of Vrhovny's vision is one that stands out in the world of avant-garde video and his execution is matchless.
The track 'The Grand Search' is a composition conceived for the first STRUCTET appearance in 2006, The Hague. I used parts of the 45 minute material and assembled an 18 minute track.
The video itself was shot on a boat while traveling from Dutch shores to the island of Vlieland in the north sea. 
It was shot with an hand-held DV camera and post-produced adding it a 'warmer' tone. initially, I took the camera to record the engine noise (later incorporated into the score), but mainly to overcome my anxiety of boat-travel., something to keep me busy while working out disaster scenarios in my head and find the best spot on the boat if any of them happens at all. -Vrhovny
Below you will get a taste of the audiovisual art contained herein:

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