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The dog days of summer is always a tough time for creative businesses, and more so for one within months of its founding on no budget at all. By supporting us you are literally keeping artists from being homeless and for that we are grateful. We have much to come from now through the end of the year, but for today, we would like to highlight some of the spins our artists have been getting on terrestrial radio and internet broadcasts. You should follow and support every one of these remarkable curators of adventurous music, and what you see and hear below makes this point more eloquently than words ever could:


Choronzon - Mind.Control (Peeling.the.Layers)
ϟ†Nϟ - 19th Call - ß Nß
Aparition - Shrieking Departure in my Opal Eyes
Modern Howl - What You'll Do Next
C† - Universal Omega
Gorgeous Geordie - Blue Waffle
CROSSOVER - Wraith In The Woodz (Silver Strain RMX)
Dark Mother - drowning the light
Fostercare - Siamese Entropy
Kreayshawn - Summertime
Neurotic Wreck - Night Moves
Shisa - Sun Flower
ß GNß - Somnium Remix
WΔ$T3D TR!∇NGL3S - The Drop
ZΘN - The Silver Children
Choronzon - MK-TANTRA

Kicks Extreme Radio 08/01/2012

Included in the first post-vacation episode is a track from our very own Dead Skull! As always this episode of Kicks Extreme Radio brings you a ton of great music and thorough info on the music you're hearing! On the Kicks Playlist post site you can stream the episode from the sidebar.

We would highly recommend subscribing to the Kicks Extreme Radio rss feed, adding Radio Centraal to your media player bookmarks and tuning in live if you live where their signal reaches.
The idea of the radio show Kicks was born early 1989 when Radio Centraal expanded their broadcast schedule from 3 days each week to a whole week. Of course this expansion meant that they were looking for new shows to fill this on air time. Peggy and Bruno moved to Antwerp in 1988 and were already fans of this radio station and had been involved in other musical activities before, mostly as dj’s. So it was an obvious choice for them to express their love for all underground music by creating a weekly radio show. Since Peggy and Bruno get most of their kicks by searching for and listening to the diversity of underground music they decided this would be an excellent name for their quest. On a late Friday afternoon in May 1989 Kicks made it’s appearance on the airwaves in Antwerp. After a short while their time slot changed from 1 to 2 hours weekly. After a year it was impossible for Peggy and Bruno to combine this time slot on Friday with their daily activities so Kicks moved to Wednesday from 20:30h to 22:30h CET.


Neldoreth: The Eternal Mockery (Invert Christ - Extreminal Productions)
Entartung: Boreas, Gott Der Nordwinde (Krypteia - W.T.C. Productions)
Root Deco: Doctor (Crystal Pool – Stone Premonitions)
Three Hour Ceasefire: Trial Of Wounds (Cry Havoc – Savour Your Scene Records)
Loss Of Self: The Mind; It’s Form and Function (Demo) download
Volkolak: Viking (Disappear - Crush The Desert)
Blutvial: Blackthorn Winter (Curses Thorns Blood – Mordgrimm)
The Hollowmen: Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man (Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man)download
Dead Skull: Hypnopompic (Hypnagogia – PANICMACHINE)
Reverence: Monster (When Darkness Calls - Razar Ice Records)
rRope: Ok Nic (We Are You There - Deathbomb Arc)
Mystagog: … Execute (…of Old - Neverheard Distro)
The Hand to Man Band: Voice Thrower (You are Always on Our Minds - Post-Consumer Records)
As Silence Breaks: Discord (The Architecture Of Truth - New Justice Records)
The Upheaval: Vomits of Hate (Vomits of Hate)
Matta & Niveau Zero: Riot (Riot / Be Real - Ad Noiseam)
Sektarism: Le Testament (Le Son Des Stigmates - Daemon Worship Prod. / Necrocosm / Zanjeer Zani)
Promute: Drone of the Norns (excerpt) (Drone of the Norns – Silber Records) download

The Darklord Radio Show "A Game Of Two Halfs"

Hosted by Trev Bamford of Nightbreed Recordings, Every New Dead Ghost, Midnight Configurtion and now the promising Arcane Winter fame. Bands in this episode include: the Deathnotes, Red Sun Revival, Nick Schultz, Chrome, Damon Edge, Kukl, Veil Of Thorns.
I am the founder of Nightbreed Recordings, the founder of the Nightbreed Recordings mail order service which was instrumental in the 90's and early 2000's UK gothic scene. I was in Every New Dead Ghost, I was the originator of Midnight Configuration and I am now in Death Party UK (my official side project) and am in Arcane Winter. I was also one of the founding fathers of Nightbreed Radio and I also was the main visionary behind the 90's Gothic fetish event The Carnival Of Souls. I am also a professional lecturer in Music Technology. -Trevor Bamford
The Darklord Radio Show airs every Friday on at 8-9 pm UK time. Tune in, turn on, Goth out!

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