Friday, September 7, 2012

Art September: Abattoir Vortex

Abattoir Vortex - Pencil Drawing 9"x12" - P. Emerson Williams
$45.00 + S&H

As part of the massive amount of work preparing voice acting, concept art, graphic design and sound design for this FoolishPeople production was this pencil sketch from which the image for the promotional poster.

Digital art for The Abattoir Pages
Prints of this digital piece are available from Saatchi

This is what layering and PS airbrushing did for the Abattoir Pages poster drawing. The airbrushing, though kept relatively loose was painstaking using the laptop touchpad. - P. Emerson Williams

The "Abattoir Pages" score is not going to your happy place either, but it is a complex ride through a dark time. Never boring. No long stanza's of near silence, this is a production "score" that stands as a powerful piece on it's own.

"To be given the opportunity to exist even for a short time in these powerful rooms stained with emotion, pain, suffering, and the very basest natures of life is a privilege, and “The Abattoir Pages” brings the voices and spirits contained within those walls out to play. Expectations, desires and preconceptions should be released as you walk through the doorway, and only then may their many mysteries be revealed to you this Halloween."


released 22 October 2009
P. Emerson Williams and the Voice of Legion - All Sounds

P. Emerson Williams paintings shown as part of the Abattoir Pages experience

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