Monday, September 3, 2012

Art September: Radiation Ritual

Radiation Ritual - Acrylic on paper 40"x60" - P. Emerson Williams 1995
$400.00 + S&H
One of the products of a massive creative explosion that happened in 1995 when Emerson holed himself up for a few months in a loft in Boston's North End. Much of this work is abstract and this period of larger pieces shows an emptying of the unconscious mind of an artist through a celebration of motion and colour.

Says P. Emerson Williams:
The title came well over a decade after I created this painting, and is more a statement on how I came at it in an almost pugilistic assault than it is a mediation on nuclear disasters. There is a touch of chaos in my method that perhaps reflects the chaos underlying all matter in the universe.

This is me following layers of thought ever further from the centre....

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