Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hypnagothique #72 Dead Skull [special]

” I, Gabriel Marie, I came into this world with open eyes, but I saw a world that was a world of dogs. Litter of dogs! And so, The Creator sent me down here to Earth to recover the power that Men have illegally seized. My brothers, you who have joined me in this struggle, understand that together we must fight human beings from their own grounds. The world of appearances. “

The Ampere-Hunters In The Analogue World (Re-Possessed) (2011, A Stronger Way-Part2/compilation)
Unterwelt (2011, Dutch darkness/compilation)
Knife (2008, They Came In Dreams)
[Wolf & Flute] – Dead Skull & 3B (2012, unreleased)
Safe Area (Remix) – Dead Skull & Youth A.D. (2008, EP bonus)
Emil O.C. (2010, Industrial Glue Electronics/compilation)
Tallow (2009, unreleased)
Subspace Field Matrix (Subverse II) (2008, Memory Alfa)
Hypnagogic II (2012, Hypnagogia)
I Miei Colori (2011, Menagerie of Suffering/compilation)
Optimist (2012, Industrial Sabotage/compilation)

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