Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PussyPhobia [EP] - All proceeds go to the Free Pussy Riot! Amnesty International Campaign

A huge thank you to those who have bought Dispirit Brutal Leech Servants, the latest single from Veil of Thorns. we have received wonderful feedback from people on this and we assure you there is much more to come from Veil of Thorns in the coming months.

This track is now no longer available for download here, but you can obtain it as part of the PussyPhobia [EP] released by the great CyberfArts label. All proceeds from the PussyPhobia [EP] go to the Free Pussy Riot! Amnesty International Campaign.

PussyPhobia [EP] Tracklist:

1. Veil of Thorns - Dispirit Brutal Leech Servants
2. THControll - I Know You
3. Dead Skull - Necropolice 03:34

Get it here:

Stunguns and overdoses, a network storing adversary soul - Power filter documents - transmission begins... From the pages ov thee GOTHRONOMICON. Fear the unseen controllers while summoning the courage to resist, but FEAR NO ART!

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