Thursday, September 6, 2012

Art September: Station Ident

Coming Back Around
Ink on paper
P. Emerson Williams 1992


Week one of the September art sale has us feeling great. A huge thank you goes out to those who have bought original P. Emerson Williams drawings and paintings and to those of you who have posted links and images on Ferhsberhk, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. See, even if you can't swing the heavily discounted ( and we mean heavily discounted...) prices for these pieces, you can help out by getting the word out and sharing to your accounts.

We've taken a little break from posting for another round of scanning. We may not get around to all the pieces we have on hand this month, even if we manage to keep to a schedule of posting one every hour. The art that has been brought out for the cause (still can't say what it is yet) is currently piled high in the office and what seems like half the time, Emerson is naming them on the fly because the image files need names. Even many of these from the early 1990's. This has to do with the fact that the method of image-making is from such a deep place of hypnagogic plumbing of neurological and unconscious currents that it's impossible to add a linguistic element at the time of creation.

Graphite on paper
2008 P. Emerson Williams


It is truly the point of completion of art when a piece transfers from the artist to those who will view it and live with it. Many of these were published in in books and magazines, some have been seen as album and CD covers and some have been exhibited extensively. A great many, though, have never been seen before. In the last week a few dedicated collectors and supporters of P. Emerson Williams' art have gotten in touch to ask about the availability of specific pieces, so some are gone before we can get them posted. We have plenty to come, though and feel free to get in touch if there's a piece of P. Emerson Williams art you've seen that we haven't posted yet and we'll try our best to get it for you if it hasn't been sold yet.

Sacred - Never Final - Watercolour - P. Emerson Williams 2001


Below are a few of the pieces that sold before we could get them posted:

Forest Spirit - P. Emerson Williams 2012


The Girl Without A Face - P. Emerson Williams 2012


The Seven Black Blood Texts - P. Emerson Williams 2012


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