Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Art Special

Alchemist - Ink On Paper 1992 P. Emerson Williams
As we head out of summer and we look back over our first months of existence, we want to bring on another deal that links to some of what we have planned. For as long as we have pieces on hand, we will be offering P. Emerson Williams original art for the price of prints, and in some cases, even well below that.

What we are doing is funding an endeavour of major proportions. We can't hint at the nature of this, but it is a massive undertaking and for this we are offering original art at a price anyone can afford. There are several releases slated for this month as well, but we are going to try to keep a pace of posting at least twelve art pieces a day until everything is sold. We have everything from small impromptu ink and pencil drawings from the early 1990's up to this last week, watercolours, and oil paint and acrylic canvases of varying sizes from 10"x12" to acrylic on 90"x120" heavy acid free paper.

When you add two or more pieces to your collection we will be throwing in all kinds of extras. And we have many extras to add. So here, to get things rolling is a drawing from twenty years ago. Just be fore the art of P. Emerson Williams was to start showing up in hundreds of goth, metal and occult 'zines across the world. The full development of his signature work of the 1990's was yet to come, but you can see that is was well along in its development.

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