Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UNDERDARK – “Who is your Master?” CD

UNDERDARK – “Who is your Master?” CD $10.00 +S&H
"Who is your Master?" is an experimental album. Using music that conveys Amorth's emotions, "Who is your Master?" is filled with common themes such as the influence of secret societies bringing on the world's order and the insignificance of the human perception and self-appraisal. Also to note, Ukrainian noise musician havoc1986 has joined Amorth in the creation of "Who is your Master?". "Who is your Master?" is a conceptual ambient landscape flavored with intelligent dance/downtempo or even noise elements. Spoken samples from avant-garde films such as "Stalker", "Dust", and "Four" have been used on the album. They make it unique in many aspects, turning the album into an easy and transparent narration-journey through the basements of consciousness and other digital woods of a depressive being. Surely, "Who is your Master?" is an album that musically contrasts with the previous works of UNDERDARK but does not contradict the ideological message of each release thus far. This time it is just passed in an allegorical form using selected samples.

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