Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Added: FIAT POMPEIUS FILMS - Video Works 2002 - 2010

FIAT POMPEIUS FILMS - Video Works 2002 - 2010 $12.00 + S&H
This collection of videos is truly a view into the development of a master's work. We are immensely proud to have the privilege of releasing this beautifully produced collection on DVD. Many of you have long known Vrhovny's video genius, and those of you who have the CHORONZON - ZIGGURAT OF DEAD SHIBBOLETHS DVD have experienced his video art.

From humble single-shot videos made while attending the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague, to full-blown abstract collages tailor-made for CyberfArts artists and other bands I've appreciated over the years. -Vrhovny (2012)

Artist: PaPERHOUsE
Video: Fiat Pompeius Films
Taken from the "Without The Wax" (2007) album.

Just check out the list of artists for whom these mind blowing visuals were created:

Pompas Iljú Tinánok - Elfújta a Szél...
NOIZBLEED - Sleepers (Session)
Click Click - EFF 38

Dead Skull - Spectre
Dead Skull - Massive
Hoi Lul! - Under The Lugas
Dead Skull & Youth A.D. - Omladina maršira

Hoi Lul! - Cezar se predozirao
THControll - Monotony
PaPERHOUsE - Zenova
Youth A.D. - The Narrow Path (Ruffneck Mix by DJ Vrhovny)
MonoDei - Steel Mill In Full Swing (Kopfstück Mix by DJ Vrhovny)
Dead Skull - Memory Alfa

Audio: Click Click (from the 'Party Hate' EP.)
Video: Fiat Pompeius Films
Images from Dokuro (a.k.a Skull) (1927) by Sentarô Shirai.

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