Friday, June 15, 2012

The Black Note w/ DJ [Daemon] Chadeau - Episode 62 - 05.22.2012 Plays Dragon's Blood From SEREMONY By SLEEPCHAMBER!!

A big thanks to DJ Daemon Chadeau for including a track from SLEEPCHAMBER - SEREMONY on this edition of The Black Note radio show on Radio Black Light!!! And what an industrial powerhouse this show is. Two and a quarter hours of the best Noise, Industrial, IDM, Powernoise and harsh EBM spun by someone who knows what he's doing.


Friends Of FatherBuy - Ad·Ver·Sary
Intro 2 Scab Collector (Catastrophe Noise Remix) - W.A.S.T.E.
Join Us - Receiver
Vulgatta (Hezzel Remix) - Axis Noir Mortox
Reverse Psychology - Whiteqube
Al AhaliBuy - Monolith
HeadcaseBuy - Terrorfakt
Hypnotisierte Kaninchen - Chainreactor
Phonkey - Soman
Seeing A Dwarf Staring At You And Deciding To Follow It - Captive Six
Insane Aeternam - Noiz+Zilenth
Codex Gigas - Axis Noir Mortox
Halftime 14 Military Industrial Complex - The Peoples Republic Of Europe
Pops - Winterkälte
Between Rhythms And Interferences - Zandoz Corp.
Black Trip - Esa
Xoxot - T_Error 404
One Man Fight Against The World - Mechanized Convulsions
Industrial Hooligans - Scamp Revolver
The Death March - W.A.S.T.E.
Should I - Moctan
Maschinendynamic - Stahlschlag
The Bomb - 1n.C1.D3.N7
Dragons Blood - Sleepchamber
Wrap-up 27 Cryogenicpussylover - Pow[D]Er Pussy

About DJ Daemon Chadeau (Los Angeles)

Klub Terminal: Chadeau on The DJ List: Black Light:
The Los Angeles scene has been the cornerstone of power noise in the United States, and part of the next generation of its noize-makers is DJ [Daemon] Chadeau. Based out of Long Beach, CA he got his start out in Las Vegas as a deathrock DJ and then evolved through the scene as a promoter, DJ, and musician in Vegas, LA., and San Francisco. 
Daemon has spun at some of Southern California’s premier industrial clubs such as Das Bunker, Klub Terminal, Hell, Infirmary, Fantom Opera, and Eternal to name a few. However, he is best known as a DJ in the virtual world of Second Life. For three years, he became one of the most popular and controversial DJs in the virtual Industrial/EBM scene spinning at some of SL’s largest clubs and even at some of official Linden Lab events Second Life 6th & 7th Birthdays. He was most known for bringing the Los Angeles Power Noise Movement into Second Life and for propelling that genre into the mainstream. Recently retired from the virtual world scene, he comes to Radio Black Light every Thursday night from 7-10pm Pacific Time! 
In addition to spinning, DJ [Daemon] Chadeau is also the creative mind behind MoonSlave Radio, LLC recording artist Pixelpussy. He released the project’s debut record “This Is Meower Noise” in June 2010 as an unexpected and welcome surprise onto the noise scene and with remixes from Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA), code 000, nlinear, Bioassay, and Jeremiah Saint.has been played by well known DJs such as The Operative and Franck H-Bomb of Das Bunker fame. Pixelpussy was also featured as a remixer on fellow MoonSlave recording artist code 000’s debut release “Secret Societies” and is also working on the second release as well as booking and performing live shows around Southern California.

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