Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WOLFSHADE – “Trouble” CD

WOLFSHADE – “Trouble” CD $10.00 + S&H
This CD is one that is in constant rotation here at PANICMACHINE Towers, its gorgeous melancholy entrancing more with its tragic agony with each listen. Highly recommended!!! 

WOLFSHADE is a one-man project led by Kadhaas who takes the listener on enigmatic oneiric demiurgic journeys. WOLFSHADE has previously released one full-length opus entitled "Evening Star..." and has now created one of the most progressive demiurgic albums known to mankind "Trouble". "Trouble" is an album very different from WOLFSHADE's past efforts which draws the path of life harmonized by the mystery of creation, the mystery of existence. This album was spontaneously written by a sure heavenly strength. It plunges us into the transcending universe of life, unsuspected and phenomenal.

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